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How Do I Update the Price Displayed to Customer with a rule

Hi everyone, I've created a rule that calculates a shipping price based on weight and then adds that to the unit price using the "calculate the sell price of a product" event. The last action in the rule sets the products unit price to the total of the original base price and the shipping. When I view my products, the price displayed is still the original but when I add products to the shopping cart, the price displayed there is the price that I want (total of price and shipping). How can I get this calculated price to show up as the price when customers view the product?

Asked by: kwame
on June 8, 2012


I figured out my issue. I wasn't making use of product displays and so my views were of actual products. If I use product displays in my views, the rule does what I need it to do as the sell price of a product relates to product displays and not to products.

- kwame on June 9, 2012

1 Answer

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kawme answered their own question :)

Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Jun 18, 2012