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How to change the way multiple products are combined and displayed on product display

I have been trying to figure this one out and ask the question on irc channel a couple of times. When I give product display several skus it will combine them into a single product with a drop down for attributes that matter. In a simple case the title of the product will be drop down and it will trigger a change of the product image or other fields such as price.

What I am trying to do is have a product display with several products and instead of drop down for a title have 3 options that are clickable and include an image and description. So the add to cart button is only one. But it is basically a fancy radio button chooser between 3 product variations.

Or if I wanted to change products based on image rather then title. I was not able to find how to change that.

What are some strategies to change how this happens besides using views ? I have used views to show all products related to one product display but then I end up with separate order buttons for them.

Asked by: bsmirnov
on June 7, 2012

1 Answer