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How do I capture a payment date when confirming payment?

My system is set up with Bank transfer and Cheque payment methods i.e. a user is allowed to check out their order and then make payment at a later stage. We then scan through the bank account to check for incoming payments. When we come across the payment in the statement we head over to DC and confirm the relevant payment transaction.

The problem is that there is no standard field to enter/edit a payment date which creates a few problems:

1. It is very difficult to reconcile payment transactions back to bank statements because the payment transaction dates differ.
2. The user might have checked out the order on 1 Feb, payment cleared on 7 Feb and we finally confirm on 23 Feb. In this case the actual date we received payment (7 Feb) is not reflected in DC!

From my perspective it would be ideal to allow the capture of a payment date when confirming the payment transaction but maybe there are other better DC ways?

Mike Kovacevich
Asked by: Mike Kovacevich
on January 30, 2015

1 Answer

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A little more information is needed to adequately answer this:
Most notably, how do you delineate that a payment is confirmed/accepted/completed? What do you change to take note of that?

Answer by: David Wright
Posted: Feb 2, 2015


As far as I know the only way to confirm payment via the UI is to navigate to the order, go to the Payment tab (or hit Payment for the specific order on the list of orders), select Confirm Payment on the relevant payment transaction, enter the amount and submit. The user is only prompted for a value and not a date so the Confirm Payment date is the system date when updating the payment confirmation and not the actual date the funds were received in the bank account.

- Mike Kovacevich on March 13, 2015