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Line-Item Shipping x Qty

The Shipping Price on Checkout should simply be multiplied by the number of line items. No qty discounts or variables as they are all large items and the freight price is the same for each.

I can't see the wood for trees now. I've tried to adapt the tutorials to multiply the shipping quantity by the number of items purchased - but can't figure it out as it seems to only work on reducing a base price by a monetary amount... Not our scenario which is different delivery fees to different States at different prices. And multiplying the fixed Shipping rate by the item quantity.

I'm sure I'm missing some key element, and proper understanding of Rules.

I've been through the video tutorial by Randy Fay, checked the documentation by Ryan, scoured the web, and every single use-case scenario is seemingly based on shipping discounts for multiple small items, based off a single shipping fee.

Please help if you can.

Thanks in advance.


Asked by: Jeff Brown
on January 5, 2015

1 Answer

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Just to confirm: All of your items cost the same to ship eg $150. If you ship one then it's $150, if you ship 3 then it's $450 and if you ship 29 then it's $4,350?

If that's the case then it should be easy enough to do with a rule taking the flat shipping cost ( $150 ) and multiplying by the quantity of items in the order.

Or does every item have its own fixed rate cost eg Product1 is $150, Product2 is $119.48 and Product3 is $0.49?

Andy @ BlueFusion
Posted: Jan 5, 2015


Hi Andy, thanks for taking the time to respond.

99% of product sales are adult tricycles which have the same shipping rate; although obviously the shipping rate varies by State / distance.

However there is also a range of small accessories with much lower fixed shipping rates, which - if included in the order - would be a snag.

From viewing Randy's "Calculating shipping by weight of items in cart" screencast, I'm starting to see how I can possibly adapt the concept to the rule you say "should be easy enough". (A pointer to this basic scenario, which should be a basic feature IMHO, would be appreciated. But I think I can muddle my way through.)

And any accessories, if included with tricycle order/s, should be able to be shipped in the tricycle crate at zero cost. And I think I can see a way to do that - but any further pointers would be gratefully appreciated.

May I post a link to the live site in question?

Thanks again.


- Jeff Brown on January 5, 2015