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Triyng yet AGAIN: Problems using Fusion Prosper Theme with KICKSTART 2 - Help!?

I had a more detailed post that was submitted, but I went to edit it and it took me to the Drupal Commerce homepage, (is that an "error?), and I went back and my entire post was gone.
Trying this yet again, for about the 5th time.

We installed KICKSTART 2, but the Omega theme and most others are not what we are looking for at all. Its all huge pictures and squares (what?), we want a nice searchable directory of products similar to most storefronts, the Fusion Prosper theme looks the closest to what we want.. the nice sidebars on each side with main content in the middle.

We want a robust search where users can click off various checkboxes or dropdowns to get filtered results, a "compare" feature, a ratings feature (Fivestar?), possible a voting feature and social media sharing ability.

Found Fusion Prosper and tried to install into our Kickstart installation.. First issue, the "modules" directory is not in sites/all/modules, but in a modules/contrib directory off the root, or some such nonsense. Now, Fusion Prosper requires the Fusion Accelerator module which installed and all 6 elements of it were enabled. Now it also recommends Superfish. I downloaded this and realized that that, in turn, required a superfish library. OK so I downloaded the master library, and then tried to install Superfish superfish-7.x-1.x-dev

Now the libraries folder is also moved from where they said, and not in "/sites/all/libraries", but seem to be in "profiles/commerce_kickstart/libraries/".. what do I do? I install it in both. I go to install Superfish (dev), but it says that Superfish is already installed. Odd, I saw no superfish in any directory in Kickstart? So I'm not sure what's going on.

Anyway, I installed the Fusion Prosper theme, it said it was successful, but I look at the page and its almost as if there's no style sheet to it, its just plain text. What happened?
Is it possible to install Fusion Prosper into Kickstart?

We need a nice functioning layout like Prosper, a left and right column (Omega Kickstart leaves each side blank like on the Demo site, its frustrating to figure anything out to adjust it to anything close to what we need, the terminology is insane and confusing). We need something already close to what we need that we don't need to spend days or weeks messing with.

So what am I doing wrong? Can Fusion Prosper be used with Kickstart 2? This business of base themes and subthemes of the base themes or subthemes of subthemes with sub-subthemes of a base theme tat is a subtheme of another base theme and themes that are enabled and default vs enabled but not default (huh? if its not default then how can it be enabled? There can only be one theme, at a time obviously).. Its extremely confusing. Any help or ideas on what to do to get this close to what we need ASAP?


Asked by: S P
on December 11, 2014

1 Answer

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The faceted search of Commerce will do this. Yes add Fivestar and Social Media.

Best practices is to add module to the sites/all/module folder after the initial install. Using that same directory for the libraries. If the modules folder is not there create it and then save items there. It is common for modules to have dependencies and libraries that need to be added.

It's installed, you may have to style it further to your desired results.

I wish it where that easy too.Speaking plainly you will have to do much to use another theme. Consider hiring a theme developer to set it up for you it will save you money and time.

There is a lot of work to do to change the theme. Unfortunately themes are built to serve the most possible situations and each developer tweaks them to the desired result and keeps their tweaks to apply later to cut time and expense.

Good Luck Am excited you are trying to use Drupal Commerce. It is great. It does take some time.

Answer by: garpy
Posted: Dec 13, 2014