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Testing? How do you post here?

Wow, I keep trying to post a question and tried Preview, then Save, but everything just takes me to drupalcommerce.org, I assume something went wrong.
I can't find my question posted anywhere. Then I assume the Questions fare newest first, but nope, my question isn't there. So I tried again and checked the "Published" box (huh? Why would there be a checkbox named "Published" ...past tense?), then used Save. Again, taken to the drupalcommerce homepage.
I posted here to try to get help with the frustrations I am having with Drupal, and the forum itself here is more frustrating than Drupal itself. *sigh*
Well, lets see if this posts.. then I'll try again.

Asked by: S P
on December 11, 2014


Ah! OK, so if I Preview posts first, Save no longer works to Submit the post. I have to Save immediately, not preview. Or possibly my other post was rejected because there was a link to a screencap, then when I tried to resubmit, it was remembered because it was a duplicate of a post that was rejected, even though it never posted. (huh?). Although it says right here that I can add links. I am so lost. Am I the only one that is thoroughly confused about how anything using Drupal works?
Well, I'll try my original post again..

- S P on December 11, 2014

2 Answers

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I just posted my long question, it got posted.. But I went to edit it to add in the screenccap link, and again, it took me to the drupalcommerce homepage when I tried to Submit (er, "Save") it. Now the entire post is gone! What is happening?

Answer by: S P
Posted: Dec 11, 2014
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So now there is no more Preview... and no option to edit your post. Is this a solution to the above problems? A temporary one I hope...?

Not being able to preview your post is bad and not being able to go back and correct a mistake is also bad but the combination of the two is just awful...

Alexander Enchevich
Posted: Jul 6, 2015