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Advanced Product Display with Attributes

I am trying to implement the advanced product display VIEW with my T-shirt products but cannot get the COLOR attribute field to change the color of the Image in the VIEW.

I have a VIEW created in which I have a GRID of fields with:
Content: Title
(Products referenced by field_product) Commerce Product: Image (image)
Content: Product (Formatter = Add to Cart form)

Filter: Content: Product:delta to show only the first product of the 'like' products / products included in the product display. This is working.

Problem: My Color attribute shows up in the view but when I make a selection the image does not change.

I think I am confused on how to do this statement from the user guide:
"Additionally, if you're using attributes and want an Add to Cart form in the View, you need to render the product display node's product reference field to the View instead of using the Add to Cart form field from the product table itself. Furthermore, if you want product fields in the View to update when attributes are selected, you can't just add the product fields directly to the View. This is because injected field updating depends on a special wrapper around the product fields that only comes when the fields are rendered through the node output. The solution for this is to render product fields through a view mode of the display node itself, such as putting a teaser of the node into the grid and having the node type configured to inject product fields into the teaser. "

Can you help me understand what I have done wrong and how to correct?
Thanks in advance for your support.

Asked by: Renee Nistler
on December 4, 2014

1 Answer

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The colors are selected from the categories in the terms. Have you set the colors there? admin/structure/taxonomy/color select edit and change or set color.

Answer by: garpy
Posted: Dec 9, 2014