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A Form as a Product

Is there any way i can have a content type as a product with multiple prices ?
Can i use enitytypeform to accomplish this ?

Asked by: Ryan Smith
on November 4, 2014

2 Answers

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Hopefully this work

Registered user can only file out a form.
The form has the user answer 15 sets of questions which are conditional on their response.
So for example
how many time a week are you do this routine ?
answers will be 3 - 5 , 6 - 7 , 8-9 , greater than 10.
Based on the response you will get another question.

At the end of answering the question or at the beginning or both it will ask you which package do you want ?
Either Gold , Silver or Bronze. Based on the response the user will get a different price either 300 , 500 or 600 dollar.

The form needs to be saved and the line item in the commerce should say Quiz 3 - Bronze Package if the bronze package was selected.

And below a possible link to the form that was generated, So i discovered Entityform which fits my needs but would i be able to save the form as a product or save the form and then insert form id along with the product being created so that i can line things up.

Answer by: Ryan Smith
Posted: Nov 4, 2014


All of that can be done with Fields and Rules. Event: Entity created. Action: Add [user selected] product to cart. Action: Set [custom] Entity Reference Field value on line item relating to [form entered].

Views can be modified in the cart to show the form that was filled out and even an edit button, etc.


- Josh Miller on November 5, 2014

Thanks that worked
Is there a way to retrieve a value from a select list save a maximum of 3 items
Then depending on what is select dynamically populates another list. Since i can only have a maximum of 3 dynamic list i would just created then and if from the first list the user selects 2 items then i would show 2 list and dynamically populate them

- Ryan Smith on November 6, 2014