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related products in blog post

I'm building my first drupal commerce with commerce-kickstart 2 on drupal7. My client asked my to add a feature that associate products and blog posts.

At first I thought the best way was to add "product-reference" to the blog-post content type, this way the non-technical user could easily select 0 to n products to the post as "suggested" or "correlated" products, but when I added the product-reference field the whole blog-post content-type became a "product display" and the template file for the view was the wrong one.

Then I though of creating a block with a query for the products but I don't want the client to have to deal with this level of complexity.

I thought about writing the logic inside the product display template file but it doesn't feel like a good practice.

I searched for modules but I didn't find what I was looking for (maybe because I'm noobie to drupal I don't know yet how the search efficiently)

Are there any modules that can help with this?


Asked by: barvaz
on October 7, 2014

1 Answer