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Should I give up on Kickstart 2?

Being an old “hard coder” in HTML who have never used Drupal or Commerce Kickstart in the past, I am in the process of building a responsive web-site with a shop, using the XAMPP server for a local testing environment on a Windows 7 platform.

I have however very close to giving up on installing the Kickstart 2 from the core installation.

Every time I try to install it, I keep getting a 120 second time out error, even though I have set the memory to 512, the time out to 600 and the last setting which I was advice to set also to 600 (can not remember what it was of the top of my head) in the PHP.ini file found in C->xampp->php folder.

I have also tried to first install a "standard" drupal (which works fine) and then install the “non core” version, but that gives the same time out error!

I want to be fair to Drupal and Kickstart 2, so I now wonder if it would be possible to install the modules, preferably pre configured as in Kickstart 2, one at a time, and thereby build it my self?

If so, which modules are needed and/or is it possible to gather them in a separate package which I can install my self – and where could I find such a package?

If this is not possible, does any one have any suggestions to what I should do to be able to install Commerce Kickstart 2?

Asked by: Lars Lemming
on September 11, 2014


In that case, in my opinion you could just install the commerce module and go from there.

- turion on September 14, 2014

2 Answers

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I am in the same situation :

I use running windows 8.0 unfortunately, wamp 2.2, intel i7, 4Go ram,
I host several local sites, they are all working. D7.31 installation is ok,
disabled my vhosts config, set a simple root directly to the drupal commerce path

used 7zip with both the zip and tar.gz archives of both the 2.17 and 1.29 distros

also tried to get rid of possible php mem. issues :
max_execution_time = 301
max_input_time = -1
memory_limit = 512M

also tried to only add the DC profiles (2.17 and 1.29) in the D7.31 default installation.

.. and yes, I'm a 'bit' frustrated too with the kickstart, as I even cant get the 'choose profile' first install page :/

does it needs a web hosted library or something ? I test it locally at home, and my host cant be reached.

Answer by: jerome mahieux
Posted: Sep 24, 2014