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What is the difference between "Commerce Payment" and "Payment for Drupal Commerce"?

Using DC for quite a while now I just discovered the module "Payment for Drupal Commerce".
(It is listed as a requirement to upgrade the "No Payment" module.)

Since there are already the Payment and Commerce Payment modules, I wonder what "Payment for Drupal Commerce" is for? The Project page says that it allows DC to use the methods of the Payment module. But isn't that the purpose of the actual Commerce Payment module?


Asked by: Brian
on August 1, 2014

1 Answer

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Payment is an independent payment solution / module that provides integrations for Drupal Commerce and Ubercart.
Its primary purpose is to support the dutch idea payment gateway, I think.

Bojan Zivanovic
Answer by: Bojan Zivanovic
Posted: Aug 7, 2014