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Managing memberships and recurring payments


I have managed to set up a membership "system" with Commerce and Licence. It was easyer that it look at first sight! All I need now is to understand the Paypal gateway.

I have a few questions...

1) I just cannot see how to add manually a role (license) to a user. Say I want to offer to a friend an account. I will go at "admin/people/create" to create his account. But how do I add the license? Where to go?

Say that a user had a problem with his account and I want to add a few more months to his subscription. How to?

2) I'm selling roles for 1 year subscriptions. So I guess that I can ask Rules to send a reminder before the end of a subsciption. But what about recurring subscriptions? I'm not shure to understand the advantages of such function in the context of year long subsciptions.

3) Now say that a member wants to upgrade from role_3 to role_3_plus, paying only the difference between the difference between the two roles. Is this possible with license / easy to implement? Or, say that a user renews his subscription 2 weeks before it ends. How can the remaining 2 weeks not be charged to him? Is there a module for this?

4) how about selling the possibility to add specific nodes (classified).

Thanks for your time.


Asked by: Anne Laposte
on July 10, 2014


1 Answer

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Hi Anne,
I am wondering if you have your membership site working and how you ended up doing it.

Answer by: Thomas Born
Posted: Nov 3, 2014