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Product Variations' Varying Properties


This could be very easy, but I just have not found a way to properly display all information.

I would like to store the attached information.

I using product_display node content type as the representation of Product Name (from the table) and as the umbrella of Types (represented by product from commerce module). The colors will be entered manually using text fields (easy).

I have not found a way to display everything (Types and Colors) when I view the node product_display.

The product variation video looks like only displaying the 1 product variation per product_display node.

Thank you.

Asked by: Theo Kid
on June 11, 2014

2 Answers

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Hi Theo Kid, maybe this is close to what you are trying.

new product type > Product kid >>
managed field > Type > list (text) select list
managed field > Color > list (text) Check / radio

new product display > PD kid
MF > add existing Type
MF > add existing Color

Create new view > Kid Product
Format > Table
Fields > add >> Commerce Product: Title (Product)
Field: Type
Field: Color

Filter > Commerce Product: Type (exposed)
Sort > Commerce Product: Title (Exposed)

Advanced > relationships > commerce product: referencing node

Answer by: no_angel
Posted: Jun 13, 2014