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Operators not working in facets -Filtering Products-

I'm trying to construct a product filter which allows to select multiple checkbox from the same field like

[ X ] Category 1
[ ] Category 2
[ X ] Category 4

I know that i can get it setting facet Operator to "OR" but:

First of all:
Operators options are not displayed in Facets admin configuration

I forced the code to show them, but when i check "OR" operator it seems as nothing change:

Filter continues working as always, when I click one checkbox, others dissapear and I cant select multiple values to get the correct products display.

I guess it's a commerce module modification, isn't it? Somebody can help me?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english

Asked by: Francisco Puyó
on June 5, 2014

2 Answers

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I am having the same issue and looking all around for a solution. Why would the commerce modules disable the operator option? It's a major problem for my current project.

Some info I found while looking around, but it does not solve the problem :

Make available: facets with counts of 0

Add support for OR facets although does not seem to be for same issue

How to display inactive items of the origin query without filters
This article describes what we are trying to achieve, but not in the Commerce context.

Other info on Facet API

Please post a solution if you ever find one, that would be greatly appreciated.

Posted: Jul 7, 2014
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I tried to post an answer earlier in that thread, but my post never appeared. I am experiencing the same issue. I have not found a solution for that and would be greatly interested in learning about your solution, if you have one.

Thank you,


Posted: Jul 9, 2014