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How can I add options to a product ?

Hey guys !

I'm looking for a feature that can help me.

The website I'm developping now is for selling some cars.
I need to enter some cars, and some options.
A car is really basic (a model, a brand and a picture) and I need the customer to be able to check which options he wants for his future car. These options have to increase the price of the car (one options = one extra). Checkbox would be great for that.
I just can't find how to do this in KickStart.

I someone has an idea to do that, i would be really greatful !
Thank you !

Asked by: Arnaud Colin
on May 22, 2014

2 Answers

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Commerce Kickstart 2 is pretty much set up to do this out of the box.

Your basic car would be the product display (This would show your basic car name, image etc).

Within that product display you can create product variations.

Each variation would change the price of the car (if you want it to). You can add whatever fields you want to the variation and allow them to alter the price.

The demo store shows how this works:


Hope this makes sense.

Answer by: chris dixon
Posted: Jun 4, 2014