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custom Commerce_file config

I'm migrating the store on tambourhinoceros.net/shop from ubercart and have stumbled over some missing configuration options regarding downloads. We sell physical products than when purchased also gives the customer download link to digital versions of the product (fx vinyl records including mp3 downloads).

the directory we're using for our mp3 files is located on a path similar to domain.com/downloads/mp3 and in ubercart it's possible on a product-level to choose any file from such a path and enable access to a file per product without actually having the file for sale as a product variation.

Am I missing some config option somewhere that enables me to do this? The out-of-the-box upload button to the private files directory doesn't do it for me because...:

1) we're talking about hundreds of hours of music in hq audio formats that would take forever to upload one by one per product.
2) I want to refer to a specific folder for products that's already in use on our server to send music to press etc.
3) I don't want other private files uploaded through drupal to clutter up my mp3 folder

Asked by: kristofferrom
on April 24, 2014

1 Answer