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Main Menu disappeared and now is automatically duplicating categories each time a product is added or edited.

I'm using Omega Kickstart theme. I've been making some good headway getting all my modules turned on and adding some products under my categories. After moving some blocks around, I noticed that all the categories on my Main Menu disappeared and the only button left was "All products".

The categories still existed but they were no longer showing up in the Menu as they were configured to. Under Site Settings>Structure> Menus however, all of my links were gone except the "All Products" link.

I searched online for hours trying to figure out what I had done and trying to get them back. Finally I gave up and just pushed forward with adding my products and configuring modules. All of a sudden my Main Menu is back! Happily I push forward.... then after an hour I realize that with each "edit" of a product, it is duplicating the categories until I have 28, when I should only have like 6.

I have no idea what I've done to cause this, apparently there must be some conflict somewhere, but I don't know where, or how to fix it.
Please help!

Here's a screenshot: http://www.chellbell.com/images/error.jpg

Thanks in advance.

Asked by: Michelle Kady
on April 21, 2014


1 Answer

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I think I found the solution to my own question, in case anyone else needs it.

Under Taxonomy, edit the vocabulary of the "Product Catagory".

At the bottom of the "Options" box, this is an option: - "Select to rebuild the menu on submit"
After enabling that option, and saving, drupal rebuilt the menu bar and it worked correctly.

Hope that helps someone else. :)

Answer by: Michelle Kady
Posted: Apr 28, 2014


After updating Drupal Core on my Commerce Kickstart installation about a week or so ago, everything had been fine, but I did just have the same issue described above, after I had added a custom content type and then experimented with building a view. I can't think of any reason the "product category" menu would have disappeared from the main menu due to my actions, but the solution described above cleared it up: I went to Product Categories and hit "edit vocabulary", didn't edit anything, and then checked the "Select to rebuild the menu on submit." box. As soon as that was done, the categories block reappeared on the main-menu. Weird...

- sargon65 on May 13, 2014