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Image doesn't display full size

I am building a new site off Commerce Kickstart 2, and I created a new Content Type with new product variations. There is one picture that I want to keep constant for all variations, so I created an Image Field in the new Content Type (not in the product variations). I don't need Cloud Zoom, I just want to display the image at its full size (750px wide). .

Within that Content Type, I went to "Manage Display" for that field, and I made sure the Format was "Image" and the image style was "none (original image)."

The product scales down to 300px, which is way too small.

I checked and the file is still 750 px in the 'Files' folder. Curiously, when I set the Format to Cloud Zoom, the image displays at the right size, but it also displays in the expanded zoom area, which I don't want.

Does anyone know what's going on?

Asked by: leonard
on April 4, 2014

1 Answer

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Hello Leonard,
Are you using views for this display. If yes than you views shows fields instead rendered entity.
But even on a product variation you are always free to disable cloud zoom you can configer this what ever you like

Answer by: michel
Posted: Apr 24, 2014



Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.

In this case, I created a new Content Type to show my product and it's variations; I didn't use Views. I believe that the entire DIV is inheriting a style from Content Clearfix, and that gives it a width not to exceed 300 pixels. That's why the image wouldn't display like I wanted.

For some reason, Cloud Zoom has managed to get outside of this style; with Cloud Zoom applied the original image width can be specified and it can be larger than 300 px. A good solution would be to apply the same style exception to a new Image Style, possibly using CSS injector, and then use this new style.

I am going to take a lazy shortcut: I am going to use Cloud Zoom but make the zoom position "inside" and the size "auto." This enables the zoom function, but you can't see it because the zoom image is in the same place and the same size as the original image. I realize that this is a lame solution, but until I learn more about themes in Commerce Kickstart in general, it'll do.

- leonard on May 4, 2014