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Creating a product with user selectable values


I am new to DC, but familiar with Drupal. How can i create a product type and a product, that has user selectable fields, but doesn't require a separate product for each selection ? Creating product variations for me on these fields is pointless, because they don't change the price, just specifies the users selection, ie size or color etc. These selections are all included in the price, so it doesn't need to create a separate product for each selection. So far, i havent found a selection, but if i can resolve this, then i can just add product variations for these products, that actually do change the products price. I have an example for this :
http://www.leaderfins.com/product.php?id_product=371 . The softness, blade size and blade protection dont change the price, but adding a bag adds to the price. These fields are all on the blade products so i dont have to add them to each product separately. I hope you can understand me.

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Asked by: Martin M
on April 1, 2014

2 Answers

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Hello, I started on Drupal.

I would like to create a page where the user selects some items which all has a price. Once the selection is made, the user adds the order to the cart.


A combo with a choice between :
- Cake type (3 $)
- Pie type (2 $)

Another combo with a choice between :
- Chocolate sauce (1 $ )
- Caramel sauce (1 $ )

A MultiCheckbox with several choice between :
- Extra vanilla (0.40 $ )
- Strawberry supplement ( 0.60 $ )
- Nougat supplement (0.10 $ )
- Chantilly fee ( 0.20 $ )

A price label that displays the real-time pricing of the user selection .
If this selection is : cake type Sauche chocolate, strawberry supplement , supplement nougat, extra whipped cream.
Then the price should display : 4.90 $

A user click on the button "Add to Cart " adds that control the amount of 4.90 $ to cart

So I chose to use the Drupal Commerce module.
I can see the different elements of selection , but the problem is that they are not related .
I get an "Add to Cart" for each item (one type, one for sauce, for a supplement).
Plus, the price is not added , it takes into account only the element that has been selected .

Have you any idea how to realize that?

Thank you for your help

Answer by: romsVLM
Posted: Apr 29, 2014