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How do I initially create profile ID's for an imported user base?

We are developing a new Drupal website using Commerce. It is a subscription site and we have imported existing users in from a non-Drupal site. Since there are no orders and no profile ID's setup for the billing addresses, we are not able to make it easy for users coming to the new site to renew their subscription by allowing them to use the addressbook module feature of pulling up their existing billing address.

What is the best way to initially populate/create ID's with billing addresses for the existing users?

Asked by: glimberg
on March 10, 2014

1 Answer

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Do you have your billing addresses ready for import? Do you also have the user IDs mapped to your entries?

Answer by: delta195
Posted: Mar 21, 2014


Billing address information was imported with all other data fields to get it into the Drupal user data base initially.
When editing/viewing a userID all the information is showing there.

The ID being referring to was the Profile ID in Commerce.
The dropdown box allowing the user to auto-populate during a new order or renewal order wasn't displaying. Looking at the module code, I noticed that it must have the proper permissions (which they do), but it also was dependent upon having an existing Profile ID, meaning that the user had already ordered under Drupal before so it would create an order and profile ID. Since I am moving the site from a non-Drupal site, there are no prior orders or profile ID's, and my question was how to create the profile ID so as not to tick off past customers by having them re-enter their billing information again when renewing. It's not practical to manually enter new orders for hundreds/thousands of customers one by one to get the Profile ID created.

Is there any migration module that accomplishes this, or if not, what is the best way to get a profile ID setup for all existing users before the site goes live?

- glimberg on March 27, 2014