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Best way to remove currency symbol from Formatted Amount

How can i change the Formatted Amount in Views so the price would be only the amount without the currency symbol in the end?
I want to change it ONLY in a view and not in the whole website.
I tried with Commerce Currency Settings but it changes the format to the site and not only in a certain view.
If the price is 120,00 then:

1. Formatted Amount ==> 120,00 € (I don't want that in that certain view)
2. Raw Amount ==>12000 (Definitely don't want that!)

How can i alter it to just 120,00

Thank you in advance for your help!

Asked by: adverts
on February 17, 2014

1 Answer

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Very much need this too. Any solution so far?

Answer by: Hogeboom
Posted: Mar 12, 2014