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Using bundle/bulk related modules

Hello all,
I am trying to install a module that will help me to do :
1. Add many other products to a main product as a bundle
i. e CPU (main product), Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard added to the same product as a bundle (perhaps using product reference field)
2.Display the bundled products title in the same view I display the individual products
3. Discounts to be calculated if it its a bundled product
4. Reduce the stock of the products that has been purchased in a bundled product
i.e monitor has total of 5 which could be purchased individually or in a bundled product where the stock should go down by any of these purchases.

Went through a lot of research which suggested to use
commerce_bulk_product_creation etc...

each of these module had an issue in getting what I want to do! I know that a module cannot do everything we wanted and we need to write our custom module for that.
but the use cases above should be common so can anyone out there help me to figure out some of the bullets I've listed above.

Thank you.

Asked by: ashii
on February 5, 2014

1 Answer