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How to filter product variations with in custom view using contextual filters?

I'm using the Products URLs module to link to individual product variations instead of the default one in commerce kickstart. So my product url looks like:


In the custom view I show product information related to the product variation in the product display but it shows the information 4 times (since I have 4 variations for product anika-3)

I already have a contextual filter applied based on content:Nid using 'Content ID from URL' als filter type.

What I need (I think) is an additional contextual filter on Commerce Product:SKU, but I don't know which filter type to apply. There is an option to use PHP code or use Raw value from URL, but I don't know how.

I appreciate your help on this, thanks!


Asked by: Jochen Vastmans
on January 31, 2014


1 Answer