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How to add custom fields to user

In Drupal, seem there is way to manage the user fields when you go to configuration>people.

But in Commerce Kickstart, I can not find any place to manage people fields.

Can anyone help me?
I really need to add some custom fields in the user profile.

I have tried to use custom profile to add new fields. For example, add a new fields in 'billing'. But the problem is one user can have more than one custom profile. That is not I needed.

Asked by: timyao1977
on January 31, 2014

2 Answers

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Ok. I fund it. Same as drupal 7. Under the configuration>People>account settings

Answer by: timyao1977
Posted: Jan 31, 2014
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I am having the same problem. I did as you said: added a new field in the configuration>people>account settings for general users. However, this setting seems to have no relationship to "Customer" as it is used in Commerce. Is they a way to get those "user" attributes used by a "Customer"?

Answer by: basscleff94010
Posted: Feb 3, 2014


I'm using Commerce Kickstart. There is no a role called 'customer'. The default role for customer is 'authenticated user'. So just add a field for that one.

- timyao1977 on February 3, 2014