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How to place the add-cart button in top ?

In products page add-cart is place after the details of the products.But i want to place in top..How it is possible..?

Please give me any solution ?

Asked by: bodagalaramkumar
on January 30, 2014

1 Answer

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Hi bodagalaramkumar,

There are two ways to implement this easily using views.

1) Fields

You can just rearrange fields by dragging and drop the field to whatever order you like.

2) Rendered Node/Content or Teaser

Manage the display of product. (admin/structure/types)
eg. If the product page is using the default view then it can be manage using the default display then using that you can just drag and drop fields.

then save of course.

Hope this helped to solve your problem.

Answer by: Madelyn Cruz
Posted: Feb 7, 2014