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Is there a module to show a commerce cart in a popup window when you click on "add to cart" button?

Everywhere is mentioned Commerce add to cart popup module, but it open a popup window with a single line cart item (it show a view with contextrual filter "ID of Commerce Line Item").
I think it is obvious to show a full cart with all products in a cart and a total summ of them, instead of simple showing exactly the same information about product which user already saw when he clicked "Add to cart button".
I wonder why such module doesn't exists? Maybe i just can't find it? Thanks.

Asked by: Nikita Petrov
on January 25, 2014

1 Answer

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Hi Nikita,

Does it need to be a seperate browser window, or is it just the pop-over effect that you're after?

The easiest way is probably to modify the the standard add to cart view at

Remove the contextual filter ( Advanced section ), remove the paging options and then go wild on the theming.



Andy @ BlueFusion
Posted: Jan 26, 2014