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Process data serverside after CALLBACK_commerce_payment_method_redirect_form


Hoping someone can shed some light.

I'm currently developing a payment module for Suncorp Bank Virtual POS.

It's a requirement that only certain data is sent to their server + a hash must be created based on the form data so I need to modify the data before it is submitted to their server.

Is there anyway to manipulate the data after the payment form is submitted and before it get's sent to the 3rd Party Server (Suncorp)?

Looks like the process goes:
which submits directly to the payment server then upon return from the 3rd Party Payment server:
CALLBACK_commerce_payment_method_redirect_form_validate gets called.

At the moment I modify the data by submitting to a custom menu item then use drupal_goto to send the data as get variables to the payment server, however CALLBACK_commerce_payment_method_redirect_form_validate is not getting called on return.

Surely you must be able to manipulate user submitted data on the server side before sending to a hosted payment provider?

Any advice appreciated.

Asked by: Andrew211
on January 20, 2014

1 Answer