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Drupal Commerce kickstart internationalization i18n

Hi, I guess this question has been asked many times. Yet, I cannot find a CLEAR white paper or article explaining how a kickstart installation can be fully internationalized.

We need the site to be fully bilingual (at least).

Is there a clear article on this?

Asked by: Mastap
on January 7, 2014

1 Answer

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hi, I have found this article but have a few questions

1-Is this valid?
2-Is this valid for kickstart?
3-Is this the best way to do it or there is a better solution?

PS: I see posts do not always receive an response here... is this forum the best place to post or should we rather use Drupal Issues forum?


Answer by: Mastap
Posted: Jan 7, 2014


Yes, it's valid.
You won't be able to make the site fully bilingual without pain (it's really hard to do in Drupal 7), but that guide should allow you to do most of the work and see where the remaining problems are.

This is the place for questions, issue queues are for bug reports. Neither places guarantees that you will receive an answer.

- Bojan Zivanovic on January 9, 2014