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Product menu option in Store menu is not showing


I'm new to Drupal and I installed the Commerce module on my site recently. I uninstalled the Commerce module because I didn't think it was what I needed, but then decided to reinstall it again.

After reinstalling it, the 'Product' option under the store menu doesn't show up. when I click 'Store' in the admin tab, I only see Customer Profiles, Orders, and Congfiguration. The Store option should be listed there as well, but it is not showing up.

I have tried unistalling and reinstalling the module twice but it has not solved the issue. I haven't heard of anyone else having this problem either, so I'm not sure what to do now. Thanks for the help!

Asked by: Davidb89
on January 6, 2014

2 Answers

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Hope this was a test environment. Installing, uninstalling, and then reinstalling can have odd and possibly detrimental effects on your site. The menu system and entity notably do not like that process.


Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Jan 15, 2014
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Haha definitely wasn't a test environment. This is the first website I've ever worked on and I'm just learning as I go.

I just bought hosting and then installed Drupal on it and I've definitely uninstalled and reinstalled Commerce as well other modules several times. There's definitely some fatal errors starting to pop up now and again.

I'm considering starting a new site on my localhost (I figured out that's what you're supposed to do) and then just importing the content from my old site to it (I'm assuming there's a way to do that).

Thanks for the help!

Answer by: Davidb89
Posted: Jan 17, 2014