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Newbie: what modules to use for one time subscriptions

My client sells tickets (for several events) by phone and mail.
In the current process a lot of manual labor must be done. All administration is by pen and paper with some help of an outdated program for storing the names, addresses and bankaccountnumbers and Word and Excel. An old Paradox program is used to create direct debit records to be send to the bank.
A pain is to ensure the number of sold tickets (per type) always is less then or equal the maximum number, and all manual checking.

Proposed solution:
Use the power of Drupal Commerce as an in house administration system on the internal network (no entry for customers).
Normally a customer has to go through the checkout process, but the customer never sees the Commerce system. How can we skip this?

I think I will need some combination of Drupal Commerce, Commerce Recurring Framework and Commerce Direct Debit.

Drupal Commerce is completely new for me. So I don't know all ins- and outs of all current modules. I build Drupal sites since Drupal version 4 and know the power of Drupal.

Who can advise me about the needed / helpfull modules and / or information. I can create the needed inbetween modules and other glue myself.


Asked by: PROMES
on December 20, 2013

1 Answer

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I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to achieve, but there are quite a few modules to handle tickets for events:

You can do the whole Commerce process on an in-house server (ideally only reachable from within the intranet), create a new user for every customer and use the Masquerade module to quickly switch between users. That way, your client can emulate the process for every customer and still have the benefits of Commerce.

Answer by: turion
Posted: Dec 26, 2013


Hello turion,

Thanks for your reply and your hint to look at the Event modules. I didn't think of that before.

My main point is that I want to skip the whole checkout process because there is no customer that payment must be approve in this process. It has no added value. I am looking for a module where the checkout process already is handled automatically so I can use that module or the code in a module to be created.
I did read a while ago about the Commerce Recurring Framework which maybe achieving this. I have to investigate this module still. I didn't have the time up till now.

The use of the Masquerade module makes the workflow more complicated: switch to a customer id, then a kind of dummy checkout and switch back. That takes precious time while on the phone.

- PROMES on December 27, 2013