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How does Update.php know where Commerce Kickstart modules are? Modules in Profile folder or sites/all?

When it was time to for me to update Commerce Kickstart, Drupal could not find the Commerce Kickstart bundle. I suspected it was because I had moved the Modules, Themes and Libraries folders into the sites/all folder after first installing. I read in this post/comment that the Commerce Kickstart bundle could be placed in sites/all for multi site builds and I eventually want a multi site. https://drupal.org/comment/4832064#comment-4832064

But when I ran update.php, the Commerce Kickstart bundle is highlighted Yellow (on the list page) which I think means Drupal doesn't know where the Commerce Kickstart modules are.

I was able to manually update everything, but it sure wasn't neat. I think I understand that the easiest way to update Commerce Kickstart is to leave the modules, themes, and libraries in the profiles/commerce_kickstart folder. But in the event I want to put them in the sites/all folder, how do I let update.php know I did this?


Asked by: Judikins
on December 19, 2013

1 Answer

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As I wrote about in the documentation and a recent blog post, it's critical you leave the modules in the profiles/commerce_kickstart folder and not move them out of there.


Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Jan 2, 2014


I guess I was following directions from so many other posts (at drupal.org) that say it's "ok" and often "best practice" to move all but core modules to the sites/all locations. I'm not clear about how Drupal finds modules in so many locations...but with your definitive answer I will leave Commerce Kickstart in it's profile/commerce_kickstart folder. Thank you!!

- Judikins on January 2, 2014