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Configure automatic generation of product variation Title (not SKU)

When editing or creating a new product variation, there is a checkbox for "Automatically Generate SKU."

There is no checkbox for "Automatically Generate Title"

Yet when I create a new product variation, there is not even an option for the title. Under "variation title" it says "Will be auto-generated when the form is saved."

How can I disable that? Or better yet how can I configure the value? (I would like it to show the value of the "weight" field that I added in)

As that is the text displayed in the drop down menu, it makes it difficult for the customer, who sees a select box with 10 of the exact same option.

Asked by: andrewtweber
on December 5, 2013

2 Answers

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Ok, I figured out how to disable it:
Content Type > Manage Fields > Product Variations > edit

But it would be even more preferred to configure it to be just the value of the "weight" field instead of having the admin input the weight and then also input the title.

Answer by: andrewtweber
Posted: Dec 6, 2013


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I was running into this same problem. I was unable to find the configuration mentioned above for 'Product Variations'. I also noticed that inline entity form on top of product reference for my product type makes no mention of creating a variation.

I found that using auto entity label (https://drupal.org/project/auto_entitylabel) solved it for me.

After enabling the module, you will find its settings at

As well as in a tab next to the manage and display fields.

Answer by: scresante
Posted: Feb 4, 2014