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Applying a coupon when a specific shipping has been selected

I am working with drupal commerce kickstart and I need to apply a coupon discount for the order once a shipping has been selected.

I've been struggling with rules but can't figure out how to do it.

Thanks in advance

Asked by: adriaav
on November 18, 2013


I figured out!
I created a variable shipping price by calculating the price of the shipping services as a percentage of ALL the total amount of the order.
I used the module Commerce Flat rate and not Commerce Coupon module.
Here how to do this:

1.Go to admin/commerce/config/shipping and Add flat rate service. Give it a name and set the base rate to 0. Save;
2.Than go to admin/commerce/config/shipping/calculation-rules and add a new calculation rule, Calculating a shipping rate;
3.Add a condition: Text comparison. Than add the Text Data selector: commerce-line-item:line-item-label; In the Matching Text Value field, type name of the shipping service you created, leave the rest as is.
4.Add an action: Calculate a value. In Data selector type the following: commerce-line-item:order:commerce-order-total:amount. Choose the operator select multiplication (*) And set INPUT Value ( -0.05 for discount 5% or -0.10 for discount 10% or the shipping discount you need; ).
Under Provided Variables specify a name and save the rule action.

5. Add another action: to an amount to the unit price. Under the Line item data selector, type the following: commerce_line_item. Then under the Amount data selector, find the variable in which you stored the calculation in the action above. Under the value of the Price Component Type, select the shipping service you created before.

That's all

- Max falduto on October 28, 2017

1 Answer

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First Create a coupon type

For example :

Shipping Method Based Coupon (Machine name: shipping_method_based_coupon)

Add a field Discount Amount - type price commerce_coupon_fixed_amount

Now completed creating coupon type.

Create a coupon with fixed amount.

Now the complicated part is creating rule

Go to configuration->work flow -> rules

You can see a rule Redeem a coupon with fixed amount

Clone that rule and give a name a you like.I have given following name

Discount Based on Shipping Method
Data comparison - Edit and select your coupon type
Now add a new condition in condition box

Shipping line item exists -

Select your shipping method

and save .

Thats it

Please reply if you have further doubts

Ajai Chandran

Answer by: ajaichandran
Posted: Dec 2, 2013