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Product Variation, Product Display Understanding

I am using Drupal 7 Kickstart 2. I am trying to understand the architecture of the the system.

I am trying to use views to pull out the content and fields for display but I need to visualize the relationships.

I have basic questions - What is a "Product Variation"? Is it an entity? Is it a node? - What is the relationship to "Product Display?

-What is a "Product Display?" is it an entity? is it a node? What is the relationship to "Product Variation"?

Are there hierarchical diagrams that describe visually the relationship between Product Variations and Product displays and their associated fields?

Asked by: druhaad
on November 7, 2013

1 Answer

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From what I know, product variations are different versions of the product you want to add. For instance, for a color of T-shirt with 3 sizes you have 2 different colors.

Product Variations would be...

Small Red
Medium Red
Large Red
Small Blue
Medium Blue
Large Blue.

Each variation can contain its own price and sku, hence making it an individual product on its own. HOWEVER, since they are variations of a primary product... they wouldn't be able to be linked to on their own (as far as I know).

Product Display is a NODE that is linked to a product AND it's variations. It is required if you want to have a product have its own product page.

On the Product Display content type, ensure there is a product reference field. When making a new product, it simply asks what product this is for.

I hope this helps and may not be the answer you're looking for. I'm still trying to learn Drupal Commerce as well.

Answer by: outlierdavid
Posted: Nov 8, 2013