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Domain-specific variations on common product display?

I'm using Domain Access and Domain Access Entity to assign domains to product displays as well as individual products. In some cases I've got product displays that are available on two different domains, but have domain-specific variations.

For example, Product A (sent to both domains) has 8 variations - 4 that are assigned only to one domain and 4 that are assigned only to the other. On one domain, everything behaves as expected. The product is accessible along with the 4 correct variations.

On the other domain, however, the product display does not contain the sku, images, etc. that belong to its 4 variations. The strange part is that the attribute selector and Add to Cart behave how they should. Despite not seeing the sku or images, I am able to add the correct domain-specific product to my cart. The product info then displays correctly in the Add to Cart confirmation.

In the devel output for the product page, I can see that all 8 variations are present in the array regardless of the domain. I would expect the 4 variations not assigned to the current domain to be filtered out before rendering, but maybe I don't have a firm grasp on how entity references are processed.

It's important for me to avoid creating duplicate product displays for each domain. Can anybody shed any light on this? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by: deardagny
on November 3, 2013

1 Answer

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Update: I've found that the domain that behaves correctly is whichever one is assigned to the "default" product variation for a particular product display. So if the first variation for a product display is set to Domain A, then the correct variations display on Domain A, and Domain B displays none. If I then switch the default to a Domain B variation, then the behavior is reversed.

Seems like I would need some mechanism for setting a default display per domain?

Answer by: deardagny
Posted: Nov 3, 2013