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Alow site vistors can browse variations of disabled products

I have a site that 90% of its products are not for sale yet - but the company wants to allow site visitors to browse all the products and variations but just not to be able to add them to the cart.

I have disabled the products variations, but now the variations aren't available to browse via the drop down, so visitors can't see the range available.

At a point in the future the company wants to activate the products so people can add them to the cart.

What is the best method to achieve the above but allow a non-technical user to activate the products after I have handed the site over?

Should I modify the attributes logic somehow, or the Add to Cart form button, simply disabling it and changing the text?

Asked by: pipal
on October 16, 2013

1 Answer

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hello pipal,

I have this same issue with a course registration website I built. After the product is no longer available, I would still like the product details to remain visible for each section since it includes meeting dates, location, etc. information that could be useful for people to reference later. But at the moment it only shows 1 of the sections so people get confused because they don't see the one they signed up for.

One thought though was to use a custom product-end date field and with Rules, set it up so when the date passes, disabled the add to cart button only. But I ran into a bunch of issues trying to set this up.

Answer by: Travis
Posted: Oct 21, 2013