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Can I create an instant online price calculator with the tools provided by Drupal / Drupal Commerce?

I would like to create an interactive online price builder very much like this example:


The builder in the right hand column allows the user to start with a general product and add variables/attributes resulting in an updated final cost - then allows for this build to be submitted to the cart.

Seeking the paradigjm used to develop this solution - Is this tool something I can draw from Drupal's native abilites or is it much more custom in it's solution? Many stores are simply Product on node > choose variables > add to card. This all takes place in a compact form.

Any perspective is helpful.

Thank you!

Asked by: digizone
on October 8, 2013

1 Answer

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I think they didnt use drupal commerce.

They built custom module for that, they made product as custom content type "node-type-industries".

So each visitor visiting product detail page this custom module retrieve the node ID then it calculate the price using javascript & ajax.

The module redirect user to login if want create order.

Answer by: sibiru
Posted: Oct 8, 2013