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How do I create a Custom Panel Page for Checkout/Cart Page?

I am trying to create a custom panel page for the shopping cart page to add more information on the page and customize it to my liking. What I've done so far is create a page called review-order.

I added a context for the logged in user and added a relationship to Commerce Order from User. I add the view shopping cart form to panel and add commerce order id (from user) as the view's context.

The problem is that it seems like it takes just the first order ID from the user and not the current. I couldn't find any option for current order ID so how can I go about doing this? It seems like this should be something doable as editing the base cart page is pretty common.

Any suggestions on how to go about doing this. I think i'm on the right track here but I am missing something.


Asked by: xbrianx
on October 2, 2013

2 Answers

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I found that in panels there is a block under Miscellaneous called "shopping cart" that seems to be what i need for this. I just needed to tweek the view slightly.

Answer by: xbrianx
Posted: Oct 9, 2013


Well this method almost worked. However I do not have update cart options when doing so.

- xbrianx on October 9, 2013