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Is it possible to add line items to an order with rules? (not using cart or checkout module)

I'm trying to set up a very basic site which won't take payment or ship.

Trying to get away with not using the cart or checkout modules as they're not needed in this case. All that is needed is order creation when a webform is submtted.

I've got everything set up and working except for I can't see any way to add line items to this created order.

I looked at "Add an item to a list", I can select to add to the created entity/order's list of line items, but the data selection I only have site, user, node, webform node and created entity - nothing useful - how do I get products/line items to show up here? I tried to use conditions to expose this but may well have been doing it wrong.

Is it possible to add line items or products directly to an order with Rules?

Asked by: mjcarter
on September 23, 2013

1 Answer

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In case anyone else has similar requirements, I got this functionality set up how I wished, but I was forced to use the webform_commerce, cart and checkout modules. Cart and checkout aren't actually used (except instantaneously) though so it seems like overkill.

Would still appreciate any suggestions on how this system could be setup without cart and checkout.

Answer by: mjcarter
Posted: Sep 24, 2013