Edit order backend and line items


My first post here. First of all let me say thank for a great module, which i'm still learning how to use.

At the moment i'm working on creating a site for my own company, a music distribution company. I am interested in letting my employees create orders from the backend, which means that at the moment i haven't included any "Add to cart" button in the front end. The problem however is that when adding products to the order the select list only displays the title and the sku.

See this picture for an example: http://www.rillbar.dk/screendump1.png

Since we are dealing with music however, it would make sense for us to also include an album title of the product. This album title is included in both the product and the product display in a field of it's own.

Furthermore it would be nice to be able to include this field in the Line item table.

See this picture for an example: http://www.rillbar.dk/screendump2.png

So is this possible somehow? I've already spend lots of hours trying to figure it out and i really hope that someone can help, or just point me in the right direction.

Posted: Oct 8, 2011