Fueling eCommerce By Simplifying Payments Innovation

Vantiv delivers efficient eCommerce payments processing, including alternative and international payments, along with a robust set of value-added solutions – comprised of Fraud and Data Security, Revenue Growth, and Knowledge services – that help you drive lasting and profitable customer relationships.

As a leading authority in payment processing, we offer intelligent solutions that help you contain costs, generate revenue, and manage risk. World-class digital and retail brands along with prominent nonprofit and membership associations – and their partners and technology providers – have come to rely on us like few other processors.

Numerous market leaders have all leveraged our processing solutions during their formative years, and we continue to help them use payments to their strategic advantage today.

About Vantiv 

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Vantiv (NYSE: VNTV) is a leading, integrated payment processor focused on helping our merchant and financial institution clients be more successful.   

We stand apart from other processors because our consultative approach and integrated technology platform enable us to offer our clients a comprehensive suite of payment processing and technology solutions that can be tailored to meet their unique needs. As a public company with 40 years of leadership experience in the industry, we employ nearly 3,300 associates dedicated to serving a growing number of clients in a geographic footprint that is expanding throughout the United States.

2014 Performance

  • Revenue: $1.4 Billion
  • Transactions: 20.1 Billion
  • Volume Processed: $726 Billion

How Vantiv Can Grow Your Business

  • Our comprehensive, fully integrated payment processing platform is built on a foundation of agile, best-of-breed technology.
  • We support the latest generation in hardware, software, and systems technology to drive innovation and leadership in the payments industry.
  • Monthly releases of production code enable us to quickly respond to both opportunities and changing market conditions.
  • From card acceptance and insightful reporting to value-added and consultative services, we have our customers covered.

Card Acceptance

We support credit, debit, and prepaid card acceptance for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Our integrated processing platform maintains direct connections to the card brand networks, optimizing response times while minimizing data security risks. Processing your payments through our single interface helps you simplify integration, reconciliation, and account management.

Alternative Payments

Accepting alternative payment methods is a powerful way to help lift revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce your payment processing costs. We can help broaden your customer base with the following alternative payment options: eCheck/ACH, PayPal, PayPal Credit, Apple Pay, and digital wallets.

International Processing

We provide international support for Visa, MasterCard, and American Express through two types of international processing: Foreign Currency and Multi-Currency. Through our global partnerships, we’re adding currencies and local payment types that support the broadest set of relevant payment methods on an ongoing basis.

Value-Added Services

Vantiv offers a robust set of value-added services that help you grow your revenue while mitigating payment fraud and securing and protecting your card holder data.

Fraud and Data Security Services ─ Combating fraud, managing fraud-related chargebacks, and securing cardholder information are all critical concerns in digital commerce. We offer the following solutions that can help your business proactively address these issues:

  • Vantiv Fraud Toolkit
  • Vantiv Tokenization
  • Vantiv Fraud Chargeback Prevention Service

Revenue Growth Services ─ These services, which are designed to help grow your business by streamlining recurring billing, minimizing payment interruptions, and providing insight into customer behavior, include the following offerings:

  • Vantiv Recovery (Combines Account Updating and Authorization Recycling)
  • Vantiv Recurring Engine
  • Vantiv Insights

Knowledge Services ─ Vantiv iQ is our real-time reporting and analytics interface that allows you to view up to 14 months of transactional data down to the individual transaction level. Through iQ, you can segment data the way you want to see it by tracking the financial performance of each business unit, presenter, or method of payment.