Square module

Accept payments anywhere with Square

      Accept payments anywhere with Square. It's simple to run your entire business from one place - no coding required to start processing payments. Square makes it easy to process all major credit card transactions online or in person. Get your deposits as fast as the next business day. From PCI compliance to chargeback protection, Square handles the details of your business securely. Start selling with Square.

    An Square module is now available for all Drupal Commerce users.

    • No payments coding required: Connect Square to Drupal Commerce through our simple, yet powerful integration.
    • Encryption and data security: Square encrypts transactions at the point of purchase and tokenizes data once it reaches our servers. We track the purchase as it goes through our software and monitor the money until it’s deposited.
    • PCI compliance made easy: Square maintains PCI-compliance standards on a merchant’s behalf at no cost so that you don’t need to worry about it when building the site.
    • Fraud protection: Square uses live monitoring programs and algorithms that analyze transactions as they’re happening to detect fraud. Square also monitors accounts for unusual activity and changes (potential account takeovers) and takes steps in response to increase account safety.
    • Always advancing: Square is constantly adding new features and functionality to its platform, giving developers new APIs to build intelligent solutions for their customers.
    • Easy to integrate
      Connect Drupal Commerce with Square - no coding required to process payments with Square. With Square’s platform, you’ll have APIs to build smart solutions and access to all the new features and functionality. Square makes the checkout experience seamless for developers, sellers and buyers. And Square maintains PCI-compliance standards on behalf of sellers - no need to worry when building a site.
    • Serious about security
      Square uses algorithms and live monitoring to investigate activity and prevent fraud before it happens. Square encrypts transactions, tokenizes data, tracks purchases to deposit, and monitors accounts. As merchant of record for every transaction, Square is dedicated to keeping sellers safe. Chargeback protection is free for all sellers and covers eligible payment disputes for up to $250 a month.
    • Accept payments anywhere
      Take payments online and in person with our magstripe, contactless and chip or stand readers. With Square, you pay one simple rate per tap, dip, or swipe for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. You get your money as fast as the next business day. And you see your online and offline sales data in one place.
    • Powerful enough for everyone
      From repair services and retail stores to bakeries and beauty salons, Square has the tools to serve every kind of business. Square’s free point-of-sale app makes the hard stuff of running a business easy. You can manage your entire business from one place.