Add Product Price to Add to Cart form

How would one go about adding the price to the add to cart form, rather than having it as a separate field and having to use some serious css kung fu to get it to look like it is part of the form.

What I'd like to see is:

Option 1 Select
Option 2 Select


Add To Cart Button

As the Options and the qty/submit buttons are part of the same form, it is pretty hideous trying to place the Price field their unless it to is part of the form.


Posted: Oct 14, 2011


rfay Randy Fay on October 14, 2011

I suspect it's form-altering or CSS.

You do have the option of presenting the whole thing with a View, which gives you more control of what's shown there and might be an option.

essbee on October 14, 2011

Hmm yes a view would give the flexibility I need.

Interestingly this has come about because The price field for some reason doesnt show when the Product Reference field is used as a field on a Taxonomy Term. Its strange, the add to cart form displays properly and full functioning but the fields from the product display dont get passed through so the price doesnt show.