Multiple line item reference fields?

I'm trying to add more than one Line item reference field to my order settings, as i would like to have one table containing order data such as product, amount, price etc and another containing customer data, created date etc. I can't get this to work however. The only field i can get to display my views is the default line item reference field present.

Is this possible somehow?

thanks in advance


Posted: Oct 10, 2011


kirie on December 27, 2012

I am also trying to add a another field of type "Line item reference" to my order view (this will render the output using a different formatter than the original "Line items" field). When I do add that second field, its is always empty - so I guess it is sort of 'emptied' out when the first field is rendered - or? What would be the best practice on achieving this? I would be very grateful for any pointers in the right direction!