Commerce Package Field Module from andyg5000 git

I'm trying to correct the error notices that I'm getting on the add product and product type manage fields page.

I get the following error on the product type manage fields 8 times.

Notice: Undefined index: module in _field_info_prepare_instance_display() (line 350 modules/field/field.info.inc)

The other occurs on the add product page.

Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in package_field_field_widget_form() (line 91 /modules/package_field/package_field.module).
Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in package_field_field_widget_form() (line 142 /modules/package_field/package_field.module).

Any suggestions on the fix?

Posted: Oct 8, 2011


commercestudy on October 8, 2011

Are you on a VPS or shared hosting? If on shared hosting you may want to lift your PHP memory, by dropping in an php.ini file below document root with memory_limit = 128M. If your php memory is set at 32M or less (Very common in hosting), you will get errors. Then again it could be something else that is the problem. Just putting in my 2 cents.

Also issues like this can get answered by Ryan and other regulars if you post them in Drupal Commerce Projects Bugs

rfay Randy Fay on October 10, 2011

Is package_field a custom module? If so, you'll have to debug it. Otherwise, open an issue in the module's queue.

andyg5000 Andy Giles on October 11, 2011

I initially developed this module for a client and had plans to maintain it as a module for Drupal Commerce. Ryan and others were actually already working on Commerce UPS at the same time. I recommend you switch to using that module since it will be the supported UPS module for Drupal Commerce.

scott.carlton on October 11, 2011

andyg5000, thanks ya I have been looking at that since my client only uses UPS, but there is no download or link for the Commerce UPS module. Am I missing something? It said the last update was 10/10/11 but there isn't anything there. How can I use it?