Anonymous orders with email confirmation


I am setting up a ticketing system whereby the anonymous visitor can buy a ticket for a local theater group. The visitor must be able to order without login or registration as we don't need them to pay online.

They order, complete the address field details and confirm the order.
At the end, the completion message includes all details for bank transfer.

Problem: As we don't want a registration proces (with registration confirmation mails), there is no email field available during checkout.

But we want to send them an email with the confirmation details too. Unfortunately I don't see any possibility to add an emailfield that can be used (unless the account registration stuff).

Any suggestions to add an email field, without registration, that can be used for this purpose is highly appreciated.

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Posted: Oct 8, 2011


Nachtraaf on October 9, 2011

Just to inform you I have found the solution for this:
I had to disable the checkout rule "Create a new account for an anonymous order". Now no registration is made, but mails with the order confirmation are sent.

Hope this might help others too!