[PayPal WPS] How to transmit order information

Hi there!

I am currently working on a drupal commerce store with two simple product types, one for basic
products and one for clothing items including color and size attributes. I also included three shipping
rules (Germany, Europe, Worldwide) which add a specific amount to the order depending on
the country selected in the shipping address. The products include a tax of 19% for Germany
and the only payment method is PayPal WPS.

Everything works fine so far except of the transmission of the order information to PayPal.
Only the following is sent: "Order 60 at My Shop, Product count: 1, Order total: 13,50 EUR"

Could anybody help me to configure my store to transmit also the customer's name, the
shipping address and the sku of the ordered products to the PayPal site?

I remember that the PayPal module in ubercart did this by default, but unfortunately I couldn't
figure out how to to it in commerce.

I would be very thankful for your help!

Thanks in advance,


Posted: Oct 5, 2011


toni4i on October 6, 2011

Ok, thanks, then I will do that.

I thought it might be possible by using rules or some tweaks in the modules...