Breadcrumb Conumdrum

I am developing a clothing store using the kickstart non demo. I have categorized the products in two ways. Collection and Product Type and created 2 views to show these. I have collection/% and style/% and used superfish to create drop down menus. All this works fine with the correct URL's and path showing as I want.

The problem occurs with the breadcrumb when a product is selected. As I have the crumb module set now, from either view if a jacket type product is selected the breadcrumb will read


which is fine when the products are viewed by product type.

I would like the breadcrumb to read


when a product is reached via the Collection menu

Hopefully this is understandable. My question is what is the best approach to resolving this? Can this be attained through the crumb module or will I need a module to achieve this?

Posted: Sep 4, 2013