Multiple Signup for an event

Hi, I was wondering if any of you guys could help me with this:
I am using Drupal Commerce for Event/Course registration and payment, and I was wondering how to let attendees/customers to buy extra places/seats for their friends and pay in one transaction. I know this is quite simple by using Qty. field and let them choose number of places they need... However, I would need them to be able to enter the name of the additional participants as well. For example, when they set Qty. to 5, then they should be given 5 field sets to enter 5 names ... something like that. Any idea how to do this?
I would really appreciate your help guys :)


Posted: Sep 28, 2011


rfay Randy Fay on September 28, 2011

I just did this on http://cgtraining.commerceguys.com.

* Add an "attendee name" field to the line item.
* Check the "Include this field on Add to Cart forms for line items of this type." checkbox on the field.
* On the display settings of the add-to-cart on the product display node you may need to uncheck "Attempt to combine like products on the same line item in the cart."

kooroach on September 28, 2011

Thanks for your reply. But, I would need to have the option to select the number of attendees and enter the names and pay based on that. For example, I want to pay for my friend to attend the course together, and I need to enter my friends name as well... In other word, the attendees name fields should be appear based on the number of places we want to purchase; If I choose 5 places/Qty. then there must be 5 name fields to enter... pretty much like the airline ticket purchasing ... any idea how to do that?

rfay Randy Fay on September 28, 2011

So... My idea was just that you'd add them one at a time and then pay together. The all show as separate line items on the order, and you can show the names there. It's just a different user interface than you imagine.

I guess you could have a node with multiple product reference nodes on it, all with add-to-cart forms, and provide it all on one page that way.

barbararyanmedia on September 24, 2012

Hi Kooroach,

I just stumbled upon your posting and I was wondering if you ever found a solution to this problem? I am trying to do exactly the same thing. I am currently using a similar method to the suggestion made by rfay but I would rather allow a multiple quantity and gather details for each attendee.

Any help would be amazing.

Thanks so much.