How do you add select lists to a product?

Hello everyone, am seeking your direction on how to handle two products that I need to add to my new store. Am new to Drupal Commerce but have been running Drupal sites for a number of years now :-)

Here's my dilema... I'm taking products from an Actinic catalogue and adding them to my new store.

Product #1
Title: Socks
Two sizes available:
18" (ref: SOCK18) £3.25
24" (ref: SOCK24) £3.75

Product #2
Title: Child's t-shirt
Two colours available:
Pink (ref: TSHIRT-P) £4.00
Blue (ref: TSHIRT-B) £4.00

I'm assuming I don't need to add a new product type to handles these two. Is that right?

What I would like to achieve is a a select list for the product and when selected, the selection is also displayed in the shopping cart view and checkout view. It would also be helpful to have this on the order so person putting order together can see what size/colour, etc.

I've been going through the video tutorials so may have missed this.

Your help/guidance as to how to achieve this would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.


I previously put this in the wrong place as didn't get any replies (Q&A). Am trying again under this discussion forum.


Posted: Jul 29, 2013


jenifer on July 30, 2013

Anyone else trying to figure it out... here's a useful link.

One tweak I had to make was change the product field widget from autocomplete to either a select list/check boxes.
Select box is quite a small window when looking for products, whereas select list/check boxes, makes it a very long page.

Hope this helps someone else who struggles to learn more than the basic set up of DrupalCommerce.